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  • ProxmoxVE Logs, Banzai Cloud Logging Operator, Elasticsearch

    This article assumes that you already have a working Banzai Cloud Logging Operator. Documentation. Expose fluentd with ingress-nginx ingress-nginx: Exposing TCP and UDP servicesBased on service created by banzai cloud logging operatorvalues.yaml: Install fluentd on ProxmoxVE node Configure fluentd Edit /etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf Configure rsyslog  Edit /etc/rsyslog.conf: Confirm things are working

  • ProxmoxVE Monitoring with InfluxDB 2 and Grafana

    You will need: Kubernetes (I’m using k3s) ArgoCD (helpful, but not required) ProxmoxVE 7 InfluxDB 2 from kube-prometheus-stack from DASHBOARDS

  • Bird Nest Webcam (cont.)

    Version 1 The setup described in the original post. Webcam connected to Proxmox host Webcam attached to VM running kubernetes Pod mounting that /dev/video0 running ffmpeg It worked but there were some stability issues. Still not sure why, but sometimes, things would crash horribly. The stream would be fine for a while, then I would […]

  • Bird Nest Webcam

    A spotted dove family decide to move into the windowsill area attached to my room, so I decided to put them on the internet. I’d always wanted to make a webcam livestream, but never got around to it. In the span of a few days, I went from zero, to: Self-hosted livestream with motion Python […]

  • Proxmox + TrueNAS

    New year, new homelab configuration!

  • Mastodon, statsd-exporter, and Prometheus

  • Deployments, Local PVs

    Deployments Where possible, I converted my Kubernetes StatefulSets to Deployments. Because that’s what you do. Local Persistent Volumes The evolution of my cluster has been something like this:

  • On Debian

    Debian stable i3 git clone dotfiles wicd-curses (python3 please) blueman alsa-utils vlc google chrome / firefox element-desktop / slack / discord tmux arandr

  • Migration, Back to Ubuntu/Docker/RKE

    k3os is out, Ubuntu is in

  • k3os, Mastodon Migration

    Back on Kubernetes with k3os Former coworker started new job where he needs to learn kubernetes things. I hadn’t done stuff with kubernetes in a while and I didn’t want to forget it. Bored with single-node Docker.