ProxmoxVE Logs, Banzai Cloud Logging Operator, Elasticsearch

This article assumes that you already have a working Banzai Cloud Logging Operator. Documentation.

Expose fluentd with ingress-nginx

ingress-nginx: Exposing TCP and UDP services
Based on service created by banzai cloud logging operator

          - name: tcp.24240
            value: "logging/logging-fluentd:tcp-fluentd"
          - name: controller.service.ports.fluentd
            value: "24240"
          - name: controller.service.targetPorts.fluentd
            value: "tcp-fluentd"

Install fluentd on ProxmoxVE node

  • curl -fsSL | sh

Configure fluentd

Edit /etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf

  @type syslog
  port 5140
  tag system
<match **>
  @type forward
    name k1cp0
    port 31156
    weight 60
    name k1w0
    port 31156
    weight 60
  • systemctl restart td-agent

Configure rsyslog 

Edit /etc/rsyslog.conf:

# Send log messages to Fluentd
*.* @
  • systemctl restart rsyslog

Confirm things are working


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