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I am reporting back in on my experience using Cyanogenmod (specifically a recent Cyanogenmod 10.2 Nightly).
I love it.
I’m actually using it as a hotspot to write this post. Cyanogenmod-ified Android is an absolute joy to use. This is remarkable considering that I’m running the most current version of Android on a device that came out in 2011.
Sometimes CM crashes and reboots itself, but its no big deal. It recovers quickly enough.
What has been frustrating is GPS lock.
I used Maps on the way to work today and yesterday, and was pleased that it maintained lock during the ~30 min commutes. This is the exception rather than the rule.
Actually, this has been my main motivator to want to get a new phone (Nexus 5 is just around the corner). The whole experience has been great, everything has been working as it should.. except for GPS (until just recently, if it is indeed fixed). Its been like a thorn in my side.. that one feature not working as it should.. and an important one at that. Fortunately for me, it has worked well enough (plus I’m a halfway decent orienteer), that I manage fairly well with its hopefully previously imprecise tracking. If anyone has any feedback about GPS performance in CM on the i777 I’d be curious to hear it.
So, all in all, I’ve been very pleased with how Cyanogenmod has integrated into my life. So much so, that I got my best bud to get it on his Galaxy S4 (he used to have an old droid that he had put CM on a long time ago, but had put it back to stock. Got the S4, I hassled him about putting CM on it, and has been happy as a clam ever since), the afore-mentioned girlfriends Galaxy Note 2, and even my cousins Kindle Fire.
I wasn’t sure where the i777 was in its lifespan with regard to support by CM, but I’m happy to see that development is continuing to truck along. I’m proud to be part of the CM fold, and when my girlfriend tells me that she updated to the latest nightly using CyanDelta.. I get this big stupid grin on my face.
Thank you to everyone who has made this experience possible! If you’re in Dallas area I’ll buy you a beer!
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