The Future of the Desktop

You get home from school.  Customarily, it would be time to relax, but you’ve got to finish up paper and turn it in online before 8pm, so you go to your desk.

You take your phone out of your pocket, plug it in to charge, set it down on your desk, and flop down in your chair.

In front of you is your monitor and your favorite Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  The monitor wakes up, and you’re at your desktop.  You turn your keyboard and mouse on, glancing up at the Bluetooth status icon at the top of the screen…  aaaand its on, your keyboard and mouse are paired with your phone, you’re ready to go.

You navigate to your word processor, open up your assignment, and get to work.

After you’re reasonably certain that your masterpiece cannot be improved upon, you open up your browser, go to your class’s site, and upload your assignment.  Right when the upload confirmation page announces that your document has been submitted, the phone rings.  Girlfriend wants to hang out, so it’s time to go.  You get up, unplug your phone, put it in your pocket, turn off your keyboard and mouse, and walk out the door.

You get to the girlfriends house.

She wants to catch up with her favorite TV show, but it’s not on right now.  However, it is on Netflix and Netflix is on your phone.  No problemo.

You go over to her TV, plug your phone in, navigate to Netflix, pull up Arrested Development, hit play, and its goin.  She’s peachy keen because Game of Thrones is coming in full force through the massive television in her living room, and you feel like a boss for being a master of technology, like a lion tamer commanding the great cat to do his bidding with the crack of a whip.. with a beaming smile on your face, no less.


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  1. Did you get a new girlfriend?

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