Purpose for travnewmatic.com

To explore this vision of the future I see.

I suppose it’s two ideas.

1) Tablet + Keyboard = laptop.  There are tons of examples like this out in the wild already.  Microsoft even makes a version.  Really, really dumb ad campaign, but what i’m doing right now is exactly that.  I have my Nexus 7 in front of me, and positioned between myself and the Nexus 7 is my Motorola Xoom Bluetooth keyboard.  If I was surfing or gaming, I wouldn’t have the keyboard out because I wouldn’t need it.  But, because I’m writing a lengthy blog post, I prefer to use a physical keyboard rather than the virtual one on screen.  This model gives me a choice.

2) Cell phone does everything.  Same concept as before, except you’re not using the screen of the device as the primary display.  The cell phone is instead the tower, the HTPC/set top box, the game console.

One of the aspects that is shared between these to models is the use of external input devices.  Namely keyboard and mouse, but it could also be a game controller.

So that’s kind of what I’d like the focus of this site to be.  Reviewing apps and products as they relate to using phones and tablets in different ways, and answering questions like: How keyboard friendly is this app?  Are there any handy keyboard shortcuts?  Does the app work in landscape mode/portrait mode/have rotation?  Where is the content stored on my device?  Is it human readable?

Every year PC sales are down.  People aren’t buying desktop computers like they used to.  It’s either because they don’t need that functionality anymore, or they’re using some other solution to that particular problem.  If they are using some other solution, what is that solution, and how can it be improved upon.


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