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  • I got to learn some (more) High Availability things

    In the spirit of continuous improvement, I made another HA setup. Same basic front-end with two webservers behind one HAProxy load balancer, but with way more fault tolerance behind them. I used the guide I mentioned in the previous HA post to create this new setup. Webservers look to for a database connection.  This […]

  • Galera test cluster created

    Well that was freakishly easy.  Thanks again Digital Ocean.  Seemed easier to set up than master-slave replication and this is way more featureful in that you can write to any node in the cluster, not just the master. There may be a way to override this, but its like every Galera node is the same […]

  • I got to learn some High Availability things

    As part of a job opportunity, the interviewer assigned some homework.  The expectations were as follows: Redundant webservers Redundant database servers Read-write splitting between the webservers and the database servers And ~24 hours later, I have achieved this.  This is spread across six virtual machines: HAProxy server Apache server 1 Apache server 2 ProxySQL server […]

  • Tiny Tiny RSS

    Installed! Link:  Tiny Tiny RSS

  • Changelog 20170513

    MariaDB VM updated Openfire VM updated Plex VM updated Seafile VM updated TF2 VM updated Streisand  VM updated WWW VM updated Zabbix server VM updated TO-DO: iRedMail (something in SOGo breaks, and I don’t know why), pfSense (which I’m not using, and my password isn’t being accepted? so I’ll mess with that later)

  • TF2 and Openfire Servers Up

    Freed up disk space on the Openfire VM so it’s running again. Re-setup TF2 dedicated server.

  • Zabbix Email and Jabber/XMPP Notifications

    FINALLY have Zabbix sending alerts.  Should have taken care of this ages ago.  Emails send properly through Gmail, Jabber/XMPP notifications go through my Openfire VM.  Couldn’t use the bulit-in Jabber functionality in Zabbix.  Had to make a script.  Some issue with TLS handshake somewhere.  sendxmpp works just fine though!

  • LAMP and x2go on Xperia Z3C under chroot

    Linux Deploy – Google Play

  • Daniel Petty | Android LAMP (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) Part Two

    nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf Source: Daniel Petty | Android LAMP (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) Part Two HANDY.

  • Sysadmin To-Do

    [ ] DHCP reservation for X230 server (if not already configured) [ ] DHCP reservation for Xperia Z3 Compact [ ] SSH port forwarding for Z3C (find appropriate port) [ ] Zabbix agent + logwatch + sendmail config for Z3C [ ] ??? [ ] Profit!