mysqld_safe Directory ‘/var/run/mysqld’ for UNIX socket file don’t exists.

This is an error I get when starting MySQL on a Galera cluster node after a reboot.

The result of this is that MySQL fails to start automatically after a reboot.  I have no idea why this is happening and the error appears to be extremely rare, as there (from what Googling I’ve done so far) is very little discussion of this issue, except for this guy.  I’ve reached out to him on Twitter; we’ll see what he says.

I would hope that there’s a way to make this fix permanent.  Because of it’s location I cannot expect that directory to be persistent across reboots.  I want to say that this is some issue with MySQL not doing what it needs to do start itself up properly (i.e. making the directory in /var/run that it needs to make) but perhaps the blame is on the OS (or, more likely, me).

I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I know I don’t have this issue with MySQL sans-Galera.

Elsewhere, I’ve been suggested to examine this post for more information how I might remedy this issue.


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  1. Chris James Avatar
    Chris James

    Travis do you recall finding a smoking gun on this issue? I’m seeing this behavior and am having a devil of a time tracking down the cause.

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