2020 Labor Day Weekend Bike Trip

Thursday, Planning

Expected route
Checklist, brainstorming

Friday, Nangang to Yilan

Setting off
7:45AM train from Nangang to Fulong. Lots of people on the train. Most equipped for some outdoor activity. Lots of walking sticks and bicycles. About halfway through we were able to get a seat. Comfortable 🙂
壹咖啡烏石港 Snack time! This is a little touristy shop with some drink and snack stands. We stopped here on our previous bike trip to Yilan.
Our comfortable lodging! Cooling down and brief cat nap. The hotelier was super friendly. He was at the residence when we arrived. He kindly lent us a dehumidifier to help us dry our riding clothes after washing them in the sink.
Dinner later. Really really great seafood. PLUS free entertainment in the form of a bored puppy trying to eat flies.
This giant fish. Foot for reference.
Dessert before bedtime. Sweet tofu for her and shaved ice thing for me.

Saturday, Yilan Sightseeing

Getting breakfast
Comfortable lap around Longtan Lake. Lots of families walking and biking. Very pretty 🙂
Resting bicycles
Lipi Lake is much smaller than Longtan Lake. Also much fewer people. Handful of couples taking selfies around the shore. The lake is adjacent to a funeral place, which we rode through. There were a few services taking place, interesting to see.
Dinner back in town after a looooot of biking around Yilan.
Visiting one of Yoko’s friends who works as a policeman in Jiaoxi. Very friendly, just don’t double-park.
CK 單車工房 Checked in at a tiny bike shop.

Friday, Yilan to Nangang

Breakfast before starting our ride back North.
Pretty view along the route heading back.
Arrived in Fulong, hanging out near Dongxing Temple, rehydrating and snacking on pineapple and some local Taiwanese street food.
VERY interesting selection of reading material at the Fulong Visitor Center. Really nice place to stop and cool down after a long hot ride.
Lunchbox at a restaurant next to Fulong train station.
Waiting around outside the train station for our departure from Fulong.


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