Category: Ramblings

  • ‘About’ created

    Finally got around to making a proper About page.

  • Projects

    Projects are as distracting as they are educational. Stay thirsty.. and curious, my friends.

  • First Day at New Job Tomorrow!

    As per career advisers advice, I used connects in the community to learn about my area of interest, and sure enough, I got a job!  And the first day of that new job is tomorrow! I do still have a handful of remaining shifts with my previous employer, but that will end in less than […]

  • Changing rooms

    Was into the guest room, now I’m back in my old room, which my mom was using for her office. Still have a bunch if unpacking to do, but this is a great start.

  • Home after a long night

  • Sleepy!

    Got some good studying done at the library last night. Came home and ate some dinner, then listened to dad’s work stories until 2am, which was good. I enjoy listening to them as much as he enjoys telling them. Then I was itchin for some IF last night so I started the game 9:05. Then […]

  • Tired!

    I managed to survive yesterday, I had a great time observing and I had just as much fun at lasers party. I have work at 3:45pm today… And before that I’m gonna try to get some cleaning done in my room. Ugh not enough hours in the day… And I still need to post about […]

  • Big day tomorrow

    1) First day observing, starts at 9am 2) Meet Laser at my place in the afternoon so he can pick up my speakers and my receiver for his bday party 3) Work at 5pm 4) Laser’s 24th bday party ..I better get some sleep

  • Home Again

    No more Brentdale. As of a half-hour or so ago, I have completely moved out of my apartment in Plano, save for the keys I will give back tomorrow. Right now I’m laying in bed at my parents’ place in Richardson. All of my stuff is still in boxes and I’m not particularly looking forward […]

  • Last night in my apartment

    Moving back in with my parents tomorrow.