Home Again

No more Brentdale.

As of a half-hour or so ago, I have completely moved out of my apartment in Plano, save for the keys I will give back tomorrow. Right now I’m laying in bed at my parents’ place in Richardson. All of my stuff is still in boxes and I’m not particularly looking forward to finding clothes to wear in the morning. Happy to move on to bigger and better things and really focus on what I need to do to become a teacher, but still a little sad to leave that place behind. Despite only being there for a year, I had a lot of good times in that dinky place. Sadly, my financial situation has precluded me from living there… Also, perhaps this time with my ‘rents will do me some good (read: extra continued swift kicks to the ass). Goodbye freedom to laze on my bum, hello (really) hard work to becoming a productive member of society (again). I keep telling myself this is extra motivation for me to get something going that I’m happy with that isn’t just a job… I need and want a career in education. And I’m going to make it happen.


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