Got some good studying done at the library last night.

Came home and ate some dinner, then listened to dad’s work stories until 2am, which was good. I enjoy listening to them as much as he enjoys telling them.

Then I was itchin for some IF last night so I started the game 9:05. Then passed out. More on that later when i’ve put some more time into it.

Update: …i thought it was 10am… not 9am… Surprise! Now I have time for breakfast. Yay.

Yay now I have time to listen to Diane Rehm.

While I do need to finish 9:05, I’ve begun looking at other IF to play. I’m going off of the 2012 XYZZY Awards.

To date, the only piece of IF that I’ve finished is Photopia, which is definitely interesting… I gotta get more under my belt.

Update update: just finished 9:05… Super short… And yeah, there’s a twist 😀 recommended, play it, it’ll take like 30 minutes.


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