zpool status

Got my LSI 9207 delivered and installed today!

Here is the approximate sequence of events:

  1. Updated backup
  2. Shutdown server, replaced Adaptec 6805 with LSI 9207
  3. Rebooted server into live media
  4. Discovered that I was able to see past the RAID metadata and import the existing ZFS pool
  5. Using my favorite guide on the planet, updated the GRUB bits to make sure it would boot properly
  6. Voila!  Rebooted and I was in my Ubuntu Xenial install just like before!

Curious to see if this will remedy the strange hangs my server has been experiencing lately.

The whole process took a handful of hours, but it mostly spent waiting on things (booting into live media, etc).  Very simple procedure.  We’ll see how things go from here!


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