Ortlieb Back Roller Classic With Bike Shop Hub Logo

The most thoughtfully designed piece of luggage I’ve ever owned.

Its a box!

Trust me you want this view too.

Classic – I can see why.

Don’t mind the screen print scrapes.
Shoulder strap keeper hook.

Belly button.

So new!

Moar underneath.

Hello world!

Down the hatch.

Large flap and pocket. Flap is perfect to fit my notebook. Zipper can be used one handed, as can the buckle on the top.

Whats in the bag.

Fit test.

The bag scales to your needs.  Left bag has my old backpack, right bag has two blankets and my fleece sweater.

One of the ways the bag can be closed (without the shoulder strap attached).

Good contrasty reflectors (will be adding more lights i know).
Remarkable how much and how quickly you can carry something once its off of your back.
I love that it can stand up on its own.
As a messenger bag.

Such a nice bag.

The backpack is mainly there for size comparison.

Bike Shop Hub just got a new lifetime customer.


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