www.travnewmatic.com is LIVE

So, after fumbling through the custom domain setup in Blogger, it finally works!

I’m pretty sure I had it setup identically before as it is now, but for some reason that didn’t take.  I got rid of the custom domain just now, and added it back in again, remade the second CNAME entry in my DNS configuration on Nearly Free Speech, and lo and behold, it works!  Got some random 404’s clicking through my site, but I attribute that to DNS information taking time to propagate.

For those interested in using Blogger with their own custom domain, I encourage you to check out Nitecruzr’s blog.  Additionally, if you’re having issues getting it setup, the maintainer of Nitecruzr is active on the Blogger Support Google Group.

Like I said before, I don’t see how the setup now is any different than how it was before…  other than that it works.  Which, I suppose, is all that matters.


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