Here we go again

I reformatted the iMac so I’m starting over.  Not a big deal because I didn’t have much content anyway.

I was debating over whether I should use iWeb or WordPress as the homepage creator thingy.  iWeb has a really sexy interface and can do lots of stuff.

My main beef with iWeb is that whatever computer I use to write pages/create content/do anything, that data is local to that computer, then uploaded to the iMac.  I have multiple computers that I use on a regular basis.  I use my desktop, which is a triple boot machine (running OS X, Windows 7 Pro, and Debian), and my laptop.

WordPress doesn’t depend on local content as everything is on the computer that WordPress is running on.  It doesn’t matter which computer I want to create content on in the case of WordPress because there is no local content.

So, WordPress it is.


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