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  • Stuck on the last step of Openfire installation?

    update `ofUser` set plainPassword = ‘admin’, encryptedPassword = null where username = ‘admin’; See if this helps ūüėČ

  • TF2 and Openfire Servers Up

    Freed up disk space on the Openfire VM so it’s running again. Re-setup TF2 dedicated server. ¬†

  • Zabbix Email and Jabber/XMPP Notifications

    FINALLY have Zabbix sending alerts. ¬†Should have taken care of this ages ago. ¬†Emails send properly through Gmail, Jabber/XMPP notifications go through my Openfire VM. ¬†Couldn’t use the bulit-in Jabber functionality in Zabbix. ¬†Had to make a script. ¬†Some issue with TLS handshake somewhere. ¬†sendxmpp works just fine though!

  • Openfire + Openfire Meetings

    Didn’t take a screencap, but I now have XMPP and video chat functionality using Openfire with the Openfire Meetings plugin. A few things I discovered..  During installation, you do need to create the database (MariaDB in my case) using: mysql> CREATE DATABASE openfire CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci; Simply ‘create database openfire;’ was not sufficient.  It […]