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  • Migration, Back to Ubuntu/Docker/RKE

    k3os is out, Ubuntu is in

  • ERROR Guest name ‘img-build-centos7-amd64’ is already in use.

    For whatever reason, the maas-image-builder script for CentOS 7 does not like our local mirror.  We’ll investigate further.  But the problem is that it leaves the qemu vm in a bit of a half baked state.  The process fails, but it doesn’t clean up after itself.  No matter, as we can just as easily do […]

  • Ubuntu MaaS + maas-image-builder + CentOS 6

    Ubuntu recently announced support for other operating systems to be deployed with their Metal as a Service provisioning utility.  The hosting company that I work for is primarily a CentOS and Windows shop, so I was curious to experiment with this utility.  While it is still in a testing phase for us, this shows great […]

  • Ubuntu Browser Performance

    Firefox > Chrome I’ll come up with some numbers to support whether or not that’s the case, but subjectively, Firefox doesn’t seem to get bogged down as quickly.  I rather enjoy the sync-iness of Chrome, but those little app icons for Facebook and Gmail are pretty slick..

  • Ubuntu on touch friendliness

    UI & Handling Can we change the UI to make it more touch friendly? The main purpose of this project is to get the core of Ubuntu ready for mobile devices. This means using RAM and power more efficiently, etc. As of now, we can not change the UI to make it more touch friendly. […]

  • But the fonts aren’t bad all the time

    Screen cap was taken just after boot.

  • Ubuntu 13.04 on my Nexus 7 (2012), CM 10.2 on Note 2, et. al.

    Last night I installed Ubuntu 3.0 on my Nexus 7 using this guide. Order the Thai Breaker, its really good. The Ubuntu Desktop Installer did not work for me so had to do it manually from the command line.  I can confirm those commands do work.  If you’ve ever re-installed Android onto your Nexus 7, its […]

  • Mobile/Desktop Experience

    This is something that Ubuntu is already working on, and something you can partially get away with in Android. Right now, Ubuntu is working on a mobile version of their operating system, Ubuntu Touch.  While it can be installed on a variety of devices right now, much of the functionality is missing.  Lots of dummy […]