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  • k3os, Mastodon Migration

    Back on Kubernetes with k3os Former coworker started new job where he needs to learn kubernetes things. I hadn’t done stuff with kubernetes in a while and I didn’t want to forget it. Bored with single-node Docker.

  • FreshRSS Registration Open

    Freshrss is a free, self-hostable, news aggregator. Registration is open on my instance. Email validation is tested and working.

  • Lemmy

  • Passbolt

    Passbolt installed via Docker. Need to get my passwords in order. passbolt.travnewmatic.com nvm, no mobile client 🙁 but its on their to-do.

  • How-to: Host web services out of your residence

    Why? Because its super fun and super educational! It teaches you a little bit about a lot of different things. It also paves the way for taking back control of your own data, by hosting the services you use on your own equipment. Lets get started! You will need Access to network equipment provided by […]