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  • Replacing a potentially bad drive

    Hot spare kicked in!  Though I did kinda force it to by yanking a drive and then offline-ing it..  I’ll make the potentially bad drive the new spare, and order a new 2TB.  Stuck labels on the ‘old spare’ (scsi-22f6baa1200d00000) as well as the ‘new spare’ (scsi-22f4b4ac400d00000). Update:  ..and thats what I did!  Also considering […]

  • GNU Social

    Works, can’t manage to install to /var/www/html/… only seems to work in /var/www/html/social, buuut.. it works. Source:

  • RPi Touchscreen + Enclosure

    I made my own iMac :3

  • Device always boots into recovery – Pg. 3 | Moto G

    Thank You So Much!!! :victory: Source: Device always boots into recovery – Pg. 3 | Moto G Giving an old phone to a friend in need.  Ran into an issue wiping it for him.  This did the trick! adb shell dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/misc  

  • Seafile Server

    It’s amazing how well things work when you follow directions. Seafile Originally I had a separate virtual disk attached to the Seafile VM to hold user data.  I’ve since axed that, and created an NFS share on my host machine to receive user data.  No need to keep making larger and larger virtual drives.  Files dumped […]

  • GoAccess: A Real-Time Apache and Nginx Log Analyzer

    GoAccess is an interactive and real time web server log analyzer program that quickly analyze and view web server logs.

  • Zabbix Migration Complete

    Migrated Zabbix to MariaDB virtual machine. Current to-do: 8) tnewman0 -Sendmail + logwatch 9) MariaDB -add logwatch -add sendmail/gmail -add zabbix -phpmyadmin? 10) www -install zabbix agent 11) zabbix -sendmail/logwatch -update host configs (new IP’s) in zabbix server (www, mariadb, etc)

  • Sendmail w/ Gmail + Logwatch

    Using this guide, I successfully managed to send a message from the console to my Gmail account via Feeling frisky, I also installed Logwatch, following this guide, and I got it! I’ve got Zabbix (actually need to reinstall it, but its simple), which is great for detailed monitoring, but having a daily digest of changes […]

  • 215 Whats in your Top Ten Intelligent Application Security Prioritization Tony Miller – YouTube

    Book referenced in talk

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Giving this self-hosted WordPress thing a whirl again.  Start the clock!