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  • Switch pizza Friday

  • All Twenty-Four of CAVE’s danmaku arcade shmups in 15 minutes! – compilation

  • Starbound Farm

    Just made a  new character in in Starbound 1.0 and hunger is a thing.  I think the rate is a bit more aggressive than in Minecraft.  Have yet to harvest my crop, but I think its a good start.  Also helps that the starting planet has rain.. because i don’t have a watering can.

  • Quakecon 2015

    Wed 11:07PM Got all my stuff packed up at mi casa Thu 9:27AM Unloaded at the Hilton Anatole Thu 9:43AM The hotel let us use a cart briefly to get our stuff in from the outside, then they had to take it back. Fortunately, we befriended a father and son duo that were nice enough […]

  • Continued Dreamhold

    Worked on Dreamhold tonight. The game was made specifically to be a beginner/tutorial IF, and it has “narration” of sorts, coaching how you how to play this IF, and IF in general. I like the idea of it, and I think I’m doing alright, but mapping it has been a pain in the butt! I […]

  • Finished Body Bargain

    Just finished Body Bargain. And, my stomach is a little upset. I get the feeling that there are multiple endings to this game. And, while I could play through this game again to explore and find out what those other endings might be, I’d rather play another entry in IFComp 2012. Upon reading the walkthrough, […]

  • Semi productive day

    Worked, ate lunch with good buddy lazer. Came home, took a nap, ate dinner, studied for a bit, watched tv with the rents… And now I’d like to have some one on one with Body Bargain…

  • Started Playing Body Bargain

    Started playing Body Bargain. Its a horror game, and its also competing in this years Interactive Fiction Competition. Feel free to Google the flip out of it, just be wary of spoilers! Wish me luck!

  • ifMUD

    Logged on to my first multi-user dungeon, ifMUD.

  • Finished Lost Pig

    I managed to finish Lost Pig tonight. I did it with the help of a walkthrough, and I don’t think I would have been able to finish it otherwise, as I am still developing my IF skillz. No pigs were harmed in the making of this game, no need to worry 🙂 I took a […]